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Английский язык СИБИТ - 2 семестр

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Английский язык СИБИТ - 2 семестр
31.08.2015, 05:18

2 семестр


Письменное задание

Задание 1. Прочитайте текст. Выполните письменный перевод и задание  к тексту.

Means of Payment

The work of bank centersaround money or advice about financial services. The immediate service offered by banks is the receipt for deposit of coins, notes and cheques. Coins and notes have the status of «legal tender» so they must be taken in payment of a debt although it’s not so convenient. 

The most common means of payment, particularly for significant sums of money, is the cheque. However, it is not legal tender and creditors can refuse to accept it if they wish. Normally cheques are readily negotiable if the bearer has some means of proving its identity and the creditor can be sure that the cheque will be «honoured». To assist the use of cheques banks now provide their customers with banker’s cards which, when used in association with a cheque, will guarantee it up to a stated maximum. If a customer wishes to make payments of large amounts of money by cheque and is not known to the creditor, then he may obtain a «certified cheque» from his bank.

Those trading overseas, or in conditions where there may be a sig­nificant time lapse between sending out goods and their receipt by the customer, may use a Bill of Exchange as a means of payment. This is really a post dated cheque which assures the creditor payment but also gives the buyer opportunity to inspect the goods before the transaction is completed. Those whose credit standing is unknown may have to get the Bill «accepted» before a creditor will take it.



Задание 2. Задание к тексту: заполните правую колонку таблицы, назовите соответствующее средство оплаты. В своем ответе вы можете использовать один из предложенных вариантов: cash, cheque, billofexchange.


Characteristic trait

Means of payment

It may be used with a banker’s card


It assures creditor the payment


It gives an opportunity to test the goods before the end of a transaction


It’s legal tender


It’s safe but inconvenient


It may be certified


It’s mostly used by merchant banks


It’s post dated


Creditors may refuse to take it


It may be accepted



Интерактивное задание




Imagine that you are working in a trading company. You have a contract with an American company for the supply of a large batch of meat. Your business partner from New York is calling on the issue of delivery delay of goods to Russia. He explains you that the ship, which is to deliver the order needs urgent repairing.

He asks to transfer the delivery 2 weeks later. However, you have already got an obligation, in accordance with which you just need to get your product intime or you will suffer a loss.

Answer the following question:

  1. Do you agree to change the delivery terms?
  2. Why is it so important to you not to change the terms?
  3. Is there a possibility to find the other ship?
  4. Is there a possibility to repair the ship?
  5. Should you refuse the services of the company and quickly find another supplier or better try to reduce the delay, or to find another ship?
  6. Do you have any other ideas?

Follow the instructions:

  • phone to the supplier company;
  • discuss the possibility of accelerating the delivery;
  • offer the possible scheme of action, from your point of view (for example a search of another vessel);
  • express confidence in the future cooperation between your companies.

Don’t forget to mention the following issues in your conversation:

- informthaturgentdeliveryisveryimportantforyou(сообщите, что срочная поставка товара для вас имеет первостепенное значение);

- insistthatinthiscaseyouwillrequiretopaypenaltyandalltheexpencesconnectedwiththeproblemsarised(настаивайте на том, что в противном случае вам придется потребовать выплаты штрафов и покрытия всех ваших убытков, возникших вследствие неисполнения контрактных обязательств);

- saythattheselongtermsofdeliveryarenotacceptableatall(убедите, что не можете согласиться с очень длительными сроками поставки);

- shareyourideasontheproblem(поделитесь своими соображениями и сделайте предложение по данному вопросу);

- скажите, что вопрос можно считать решенным, и вы рады прийти к соглашению.



ТЕСТ № 2

по дисциплине

«Английский язык»


№ п/п

Содержание вопроса

Варианты ответа


We have a vacancy ___a manager in a design agency. 


a) for   

b) of   

c) to


Everyone knows that Kennedy ____by an insane person. 


a) had been killed 

b) is killed  

c) was killed 

d) has killed 


I just don’t understand how ___here while we are working. 


a) can you sit  

b) you can sit  

c) could you sit 

d) you can sitting 


What do you do ___a living? 


a) to    

b) for  

c) of  


She said that her cat ___during the fire. 


a) had been lost 

b)is lost 

c) was lost  

d) loose 


They promised that they ___at nine o’clock. 


a) will come  

b) came  

c) would come 

d) come 


I didn’t know where___. 


a) the children had gone  

b)the children went  c)had the children gone 

c) did the 

children go 


 Tomorrow I’ll go ___an interview with my prospective employer. 


a) to     

b) for     

c) in 


She answered that Jennie ___their car at the moment. 

a) is cleaning  

b) was cleaning  


d)had cleaned 


Переведите прямую речь в косвенную:


Sally said “I would like to buy it”. 


            a)  Sally said that she would like to buy it. 

            b)  Sally said that she would have liked to buy it. 

            c)  Sally said that she liked to buy it. 


Переведите прямую речь в косвенную:


He said  “Where is Jill going?”. 



a)  He asked where Jill was going.  

b)  He asked where Jill went. 

 c)  He asked where was Jill going


The student didn’t know where he _____an odd-job. 


a) will be given  

b) would give 

c) would be given 

c) will give  


Переведите прямую речь в косвенную:


Robby asked:  “Bobby, do you know the Irish pub?” 


a)  Robby asked Bobby did he know the Irish pub. 

b)  Robby asked Bobby if he knew the Irish pub. 

c)  Robby asked Bobby where was the Irish pub. 


Helen said that she ____to open a cosmetic shop in London. 


a) wants  

b) is wanting  

c) wanted 

d) was wanting 


Mr. Smith asked us … making that terrible noise. 


a) to stop 


c)not do 

d) that we stop 


Закончите предложения:


1. IfIwereyou,                                          

2. If people did not drop litter on streets,               

3. If I didn’t have a car,                                 

4. I wish                                                  

5. If it were not so late now,                           

6. If I’m there and see him,                              

7.    If   you     had     packed       your     things    


8.  I  would  have  sent  you  a  postcard                 

while I was on holiday 

a) I would cycle to work. 

b) I would go to see him. 

c) you would have got to the station in  time. 

d) I’ll tell him about it. 

e) if I had had your address. 

f) I had drinking water.

g) our town would be much cleaner.   

h) I would stop smoking. 


My father has worked at the plant ____1985   


a) since   

b) from   

c) in 


Caroline wanted to know ___still angry with her. 


a) was the chief  

b) that the chief   was  

c) if the chief   was  

d) about the chief   was 


Найдите определения к следующим терминам:

1.    feature          

2.    hire               

3.    try              

4.    expert           

5.    vacancy          

a) Experienced through training and practice

b) Use a person’s work

c) Position not filled by an employee 

d) Something typical or noticeable in a person 

e) risk doing something in order to obtain experience  


The secretary said that she … a reservation for me at the hotel.


a) has made

b)  made

c) had made 


 Many people would be out of work if that                     

factory …down.                                                    

a) closes            

b) closed           

c)  close 



 1.   Our chief _____working on Saturdays since he is 60. 

 2.  Although 20 years have passed I still ____my former schoolmates. 

 3.   Sales Department is ____marketing and sales. 

 4.  He is a true ____in programming. 

a) expert

b) miss

c) responsible for 

d) gave up 


World Wide Fund was … to raise money to save nature. 

a) founded       

b) treated        

c) proved 


Переведите прямую речь в косвенную:


“If I had any instruction, I would know what to do”, said Ann. 



a)  Ann said that if she had had any instructions, she would have known  what to do. 

b)  Ann said if she had any instructions, she knew what to do. 

c)  Ann said that if she had any instructions she would know what to do. 


Переведите прямую речь в косвенную:


The manager asked: “Where is your report?” 


 a)  The manager asked me where is my report. 

  b)  The manager asked where was my report. 

 c)  The manager asked me where my report was. 




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форма обучения (очная/заочная)______________________________


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